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Victor Borge, born Børge Rosenbaum, was a Danish and American comedian, conductor and pianist, affectionately known as The Clown Prince of Denmark, The Unmelancholy Dane, and The Great Dane.Wikipedia

Victor Borge was possibly the funniest stand-up (with the occassional sit-down) comedian of all times…he combined superlative piano-playing, with even more superlative humour, with a sense of timing & panache that most comedians would give their sense of humour for.
Victor Borge

Humour is something that thrives between man’s aspirations and his limitations.

— Victor Borge

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

— Victor Borge

There is more logic in humour than in anything else. Because, you see, humour is truth.

— Victor Borge